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Head Coach: Karen Martin
Asst Coach: Laura Pickard
Junior Coach: Jenny Miller


Sundays: 8:30-11:00 AM - Mickey McDougall
Wednesdays: 6:45-8:45 PM - Mickey McDougall 
Additional practice times may be added: Monday or Tuesday evening






January 21

Air Attack


Steveston London Secondary School

Feb 12

Simon Fraser


Simon Fraser University

February 19

Big Kahuna



March 4

Island Playday



March 5

Simon Fraser


Simon Fraser University

March 11/12

Super Volley Tournament FV


Fraser Valley

March 25

Find a tourney for one combined red and white team over spring break

April 8/9

Lower Mainland Regionals


Most likely Harry Jerome

April 22

Air Attack


Steveston London Secondary School

April 29




May 5




May 19-22



Regina, SK


Date Time Description Location
 Saturday, Feb 18  6 pm Stars Club Pub Night  Two Lions Pub, Westview Shopping Centre


Allison M
Brynn F
Charlotte P
Georgia E
Isabel S
Jenna L
Jenny E
Jessica M
Katrina B
Luna L
Macie C
Riley T
Siru L
Sydney A
Taylor G

Team News

White at Fraser Valley Super Volley

It was a small but determined white team that travelled to Langley – even after losing an hour of sleep on Saturday night – to play in the FV Volleyfest.  We played in the #1 pool – a very competitive group, and came 4th – but we gave every team a run for their money!  More important, it was great practice and we had lots of “magic moments”.  Really loved all the “pipes”!


Here are some player highlights:


Katrina – Great hits – and way to get your jump serve!  We missed you on Day 2!

Taylor – you were a rock for us in the back row.  Great serving and some really great kills!

Charlotte – Way to be aggressive on your hitting.  Your serve receive was fantastic – especially on the ones going deep.

Jenna – Way to get your overhand serve!!  And some sweet hits.

Jenny – Great all round play – with lots of overhand serves and one awesome line hit!

Georgia – Great serving and way to work on setting with your hands -  Great jump sets at the net!

Isabelle – Great all round play – fantastic serving, great hustle on defence and great kills!

Brynn – We missed you on day 2 – thanks for being such a great team player to offer to do that.  Congrats on getting your overhand serve!!

Macie – you were a real leader.  Great serving, fantastic setting and unbelievable hustle

Jessica – great improvement this weekend on all the skills.  You had quite a few kills and some really great passes off some tough servers


Luna, Siru, Allison, Riley and Sydney – we sure missed you all!!

Stars White Rock in Richmond

What a great way to start the season at the Air Attack friendly season opener.!!  We set 2 goals: to have fun and to learn the system – and we achieved them both – and more!!  We also had some really great moments of volleyball and leadership – and as a bonus we also won some sets and a game against some very strong teams.  This team has incredible potential.  I’m so excited for the season

Thanks to the parents for driving us out to Richmond, and for doing lines and scoring and for the amazing cheering. 

Here are some player highlights.

#1 – Katrina – great all round athletic play and strong serving

#2 – Taylor – great serving and awesome passing

#3 – Luna – fantastic speed to get to the second ball and set!  We missed you in the last game, but so glad we have you back now!

#4 – Riley – great passing and great voice – you are such a calming influence on the court

#5 – Charlotte – sweet hits (J) and really reliable serve receive

#6 – Allison – solid as a rock passing and back court hustle, and great blocking

#7 – Jenna – way to really focus on learning the system – you had it by the end of the day – and some really beautiful sets

#8 – Jenny – great all-round, very reliable play

#9 – Georgia – good hustle and beeee–autiful sets

#10 – Siru – we missed you!

#11 – Isabel – fantastic hustle in the back row and great aggressive play in the front row

#12 – Brynn – solid as a rock passing and you really went after the ball – great energy!

#13 – Macie – you really nailed the system fast and then stepped up as a leader to direct others on the court.  And fantastic bullet serving!

#14 – Sydney – fantastic net play – and back row play – your best vball ever was in the last game – way to leave it on the floor!

#15 – Jessica – way to learn the system over the day.  Great passing

Nanaimo – LOOK OUT!!


FEB 12/2017 - Stars White Brilliant in Burnaby!!

Another great tournament for White!! - this time at the beautiful SFU campus. After a bit of a rocky start as we tried to remember the system, we played 4 fantastic, competitive matches. 

Thanks to the parents for driving us up the mountain, and for doing lines and scoring.  Sorry if we stressed you out by going to tiebreakers in almost all of our matches!

Here are some player highlights.

#1 – Katrina – fantastic accurate passing (with much less swinging), really solid serving, and great job filling in at 6-back

#2 – Taylor – great passing - and you really nailed your jump serve this tourney - it's fierce!

#3 – Luna – good job working on quicker penetration - and fantastic serving

#4 – Riley – great job on improving the accuracy of your passing and fantastic serving under pressure!

#5 – Charlotte – great leadership and calming influence on the court, sweet hits (J) and beautiful serve receive

#6 – Allison – good job backing off the net and way to be more aggressive in your hitting

#7 – Jenna – good job learning the system – and bringing out your voice on the court - keep it up

#8 – Jenny – loved your sweet line hits and your "tough to receive" serves

#9 – Georgia – good job working on turning your body when you set and fantastic serving!

#10 – Siru – great job on free ball, fantastic digs in 6 back and strong serving

#11 – Isabel – great serving and fantastic aggressive energy in the front and back row

#12 – Brynn – very reliable passing, some really great digs and one really sweet block! 

#13 – Macie – great positive energy on the court and fantastic hustle to get second ball - and set it up.  And fantastic serving

#14 – Sydney – good movement in 6 back and some fantastic sweet hits to the corner!

#15 – Jessica – great job in your defense position and excellent offence - way to be aggressive



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