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Club Fees

Please read the following carefully to ensure you are fully informed before joining a team.

Volleyball is an expensive sport to play and you can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1,800 in a season.
If you make a team, the club fee will be due. Club fees cover SOME of our costs, including tournament entry fees, gym rentals, equipment costs, coach expenses, administrative supplies, uniform use, team t-shirt, team warm-up jersey and Volleyball BC membership fees.

2018 Club Fees:

  • U14: $525
  • U15: $625
  • U16: $650
  • U17/18: $695

The fees DO NOT include travel expenses above and beyond our fundraising efforts. Travel expenses are dependent upon each team and place of travel. In general, each team travels minimum once per season and U15, U16 and U17/18 travel two to three times per season including Nationals. Tournaments can be out of town and some, particularly the Canadian Nationals, require air travel. These costs can range from about $500 to $1,000 for the season, depending on the player age and location of tournaments.

We seek active sponsorship and hold fundraisers to cover as much of our tournament costs as we can, but it is never enough. We do not provide financial assistance, but you can apply for help through Athletics for Kids (A4K), Jumpstart or Kidsport. You are strongly encouraged to investigate these options well in advance of tryouts so that you can be sure funds will be available. We cannot hold a spot on a team to wait for a funding decision as to do so is potentially denying another player an opportunity to play.
The tryout fee is $30 PLUS a non-perishable food item donation to the Harvest Project (collected at tryouts).

Full payment is due by the third week of December to secure your spot on a team.  Online payment is preferred.

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