North Shore Stars
Volleyball Club

U15 (1 team)


Head Coach: Karen Martin
Asst Coach: Stella Ying, Jenny Miller


Sundays: 8:30-10:30 AM - Mulgrave - Kirkwood- starting Jan. 14/18 
Wednesdays: 6:00-8:00 PM - Mickey McDougall 
Thursdays: 7:00-9:00  Mulgrave Fieldhouse - starting Jan 11(except NOT Jan. 18 &25)





January 20

VBC Home Opener (Burnaby)

Harry Jerome, Burnaby

February 3

Big Kahuna Volleyball Tournament


February 10-11

VBC Super Volley

Lower Mainland

March 3-4

VBC Super Volley


April 14-15 

Lower Mainland Regionals

Harry Jerome, Burnaby

April 21

Big Kahuna Volleyball Tournament


April 27-29


Tradex, Abbotsford

May 17-19

Nationals (Edmonton)




Date Time Description Location
Wed. Jan 10/18  7-9:30 pm Stars Season Kick Off Party - Pizza Night** Mickey McDougall
 Sat. Feb 24  6 pm Stars Club Pub Night** Two Lions Pub, Westview Shopping Centre

**Each U15 player bring fruit for 4-6 persons, plus forms, cheque, etc. See email or link above.

Team News

Team Selections - Dec. 6/2017

The coaches were extremely impressed with the talent, the potential, the passion and the wonderful positive energy all the players brought to tryouts this year. We are delighted to offer a position on the 2018 U15 Stars team to:

Kadence. C
Emma D
Abigail G
Elisabeth L
Monika M
Emily M
Sofia P
Marcela R
Danielle S
Hudson S
Sofia S
Anni S
Joy W
Ashley Y

By accepting our offer, you are agreeing to attend Provincials and Nationals on the dates indicated above.  The trips to Nationals and to Kelowna involve additional costs (travel, accommodation and food) not covered by the club fees.


Welcome to the 2018 U15 Stars team!  Note in the Events section above our Season Kick Off Party.  This is where we get to know each other, have player and parent meetings about the season and distribute uniforms.  We also have a fun Club game.  See the welcome email for mandatory forms to bring and a deposit cheque for your uniform (to be destroyed when you return the jersey at the end of the season). See you there!  

See also in the practices section that our first practice is the day after the Party - on Thursday Jan. 11/18 at Mulgrave Fieldhouse. 


JAN 20/18 - STARS SHINE AT HARRY JEROME – What a great day at Harry Jerome today!!  We DEFINITELY achieved our goal of learning the system, trying hard, and having fun.  Great job!  A special shout out to our 2 setters today, who really stepped up and hustled hard all day  – without a single minute of rest.  You played awesome! Also great job to the team on learning on how to score and be linespeople. Thanks to the parents for driving, fighting the parking situation, getting us snacks, and cheering us on! 

Individual player highlights are below:

#1 – Marcela Great job learning the system today. Great passing and good movement on defence.

#2 – Danielle Missed your amazing setting today!

#3 – Emma Awesome passing and back row work. Congrats on the most serving aces!  And great hits.

#4 – Joy Awesome positive energy and way to control the energy and be calm when you pass.  Also some great line hits!

#5 – Ashley Great serves, great hits – and way to own the middle on blocking!  Love your coachability!

#6 – Emily You really learned the system today. Great passing, excellent hitting and you had the most kills at the beginning of the day!

#7 – Hudson Love your positive energy and coachability.  Excellent passing – and fantastic job doing the scoresheet!

#8 – Monika Good job learning 6-back defence. Good passes and great serving. Solid blocking – and way to block that 51 hit by Apex!

#9 - Abigail Thanks for your positive energy from the bench – and for so enthusiastically taking the serving stats!

#11 - Kadence Fantastic hitting and serving.  Good job protecting the middle on defence.  Love your coachability!

#12 – Lizzie Amazing positive energy and leadership on and off the court! Great serving and love your reliable all-round play and effort.

#13 – Sofia S Fantastic hustle.  Good improvement on “defence first”; then penetrating quickly; and using your voice!  Also great serving.

#14 – Sofia P Missed your energy and big personality today!

#15 – Anni Gorgeous high sets! Good improvement on “defence first”; then penetrating quickly; and using your voice!  Also great serving.


Ready to learn some new things and have some fun at next practice!!


MARCH 3/2018 -


What a great weekend in Kelowna!  Lots of great team bonding – without our phones! - and the players were great ambassadors for the Stars Club by being respectful and polite in the hotel and at the tourney.  And the volleyball was the best of the season for us!  Every player has improved so much from our first tourney – and even improved over the weekend.  We all had great team spirit and realized “what we love most about having  {our teammates} on our team” – everyone contributes different strengths, and we had so much fun and played so well.  We had lots of fight this weekend!!

Thanks to the chaperones and parents – and the assistant coaches - for all their great support – including letting us make our own lunches!

See some of the top (there many more!) player highlights below:

#1 – Marcela – Great reliable passing, solid serving – and what a sweet hit in the last game!!!

#2 – Dani – Great serving today.  And some really beautiful sets.  Great job being coachable and incorporating my suggestions into your game – you are improving so fast!

#3 Emma – Great job on the serving, and best hitting of the season.  Fantastic job!

#4 – Joy – did we ever miss you and your wonderful positive energy – but you were with us in spirit!

#5 – Ashley – Awesome serving.  Great job backing off to hit and hitting corners.  Fantastic improvement on defence!

#6 – Emily – Excellent serving!  Great improvement on passing and great hitting!  Best tourney so far!  Love how you are trying to be coachable and learn – it is paying off!

#7 – Hudson – Amazing serving and speed on defence, as well as reliable serve receive.  Great job!

#8 – Monika – Loved your reliable passing, fantastic blocking, and aggressive hitting – to the corners.  Best tourney so far for you!

#9 – Abigail – You were a serving and diving superstar this weekend – great tourney!

#11 – Kadence – Great all-round, high-level play the whole tourney – hits, serves, passing and defence – all awesome!

#12 – Lizzie – Fantastic serving!  And great aggressive hits – to the corners!

#13 – Sofia – Love how coachable you are.  Great setting, great speed and way to sue your voice

#14 – Sof – You were a force this weekend!  Your positive energy and determination to go after the ball made you a real leader this weekend!  Thanks for being a power today – you did a great job!

#15 – Anni – Best sets of the day – so beautiful.  And some great serving.  Plus I think you are really  improving on “defence first!”  Way to “do your job” – so important.

Enjoy a few days off and see you at practice on Wednesday!


Coach Karen


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